New AED 30 Billion Strategic Programme to Boost the UAE Economy

New AED 30 Billion Strategic Programme to Boost the UAE Economy

H. H. Sheikh Mohammed, VP & PM of UAE and Ruler of Dubai, recently announced a new strategic programme to boost vital sectors in the country. The initiative includes AED 30 billion (USD 8.17 billion) provided by the Emirates Development Bank (EDB) to finance  the start-ups and SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises) over the next five years to support the UAE’s efforts on exponentially increasing the size of the industrial sector in the coming decade. The funds provided by EDB will help create and support 13,500 new companies across various sectors and generate more than 25,000 jobs. Some of the major industries that will be funded through EDB are health care, infrastructure, food security and technology.

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Emirates Development Bank Strategy

The EDB strategy was formulated by conducting several workshops, arranging meetings and discussions with more than 200 stakeholders across various sectors in the federal, local and private sectors to help to create its new strategy to boost manufacturing. The EDB strategy will help to hasten industrial development and the adoption of advanced technology while its funds will support entrepreneurs, start-ups and SMEs. Apart from the financial assistance, the strategy will also provide supply chain support, project finance, long-term finance, business accelerators, equity capital finance and a business growth support fund. The EDB will establish partnerships with UAE lenders to extend financial services to Small and Medium industrial companies and increase its direct financing by 73% in 2021.

More than 90% of the industrial enterprises that are currently operating in the UAE, are small and medium-sized businesses which are considered to be the backbone of the UAE economy. The EDB strategy will support in creating more than 13,500 new SMEs in the country, which will have a significant impact on economic growth, as they are the major drivers of shaping a productive industrial sector and sustainable economy. The volume of spending on Research and Development in the industrial sector will increase from AED 21 billion (USD 5 billion), which is approximately 1.3% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product), to AED 57 billion (USD 15.5 billion) in 2031, bringing the contribution to the GDP to 2%.

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Investment Opportunities in UAE

The government has taken several measures to control the Covid-19 outbreak and accelerate the pace of economic recovery. Some of the major initiatives taken by the government include providing UAE citizenship, 100% ownership of the businesses, extension of freeze on government fees to support the local economy and businesses. The futuristic strategies planned by the government, reflects the government’s supportive and investor-friendly environment which will continue even beyond Expo 2020. Even though the Expo will end on March 31, 2022, the investors and businesses that are operating in Dubai will continue to benefit from these supportive measures till early 2023.

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