Importance of Market Research for Businesses

Importance of Market Research for Businesses

Importance of market research is often undervalued as many entrepreneurs and startups rely on gut feel or intuition to make investment decisions. As a consequence, more than 90% of the businesses and one of the major reasons is attributed to not conducting a formal market research and feasibility study. 

Findings suggest that entrepreneurs and startups underestimate the power of data and insights and how it can help them in assessing the market conditions, competition and consumer potential. Moreover, a comprehensive market research study can provide businesses with a clear picture of profitable products and services and answer specific questions pertaining to the willingness of end-users to buy and consume the same. 

Consequently, a market research exercise helps in formulating a business plan, devising a market entry strategy, identifying target audience and making key investment decisions. Market research can be conducted for either creating a new business / marketing plan or testing existing plans

Market Research & Data Collection Methods

The Market Research can be classified into Primary and Secondary Research.

Primary Research – Within this approach, the data is collected by either interviewing or surveying consumers, competitors, industry experts and other stakeholders as mentioned below:

  • Interviews – Conducting personal interviews via telephone, in-person, email and/or mail
  • Surveys – Conducting personal surveys via telephone, in-person, email and/or mail
  • Focus Groups – Conducting group discussions (6-10 people) to provide feedback regarding a concept, product or service and/or marketing campaign 

* Conducting interviews and surveys are more cost effective with the latter being preferred as it allows researchers to quantify the data and reach to meaningful conclusions. On the contrary, Focus Groups lead to productive discussions but are time consuming, costly and presents researchers with a challenge to analyze the data.

Secondary ResearchWithin this approach, the data is collected from the pre-existing sources which includes but not limited to articles, journals, reports, published papers, newspapers, magazines and government portals. 

Data Analysis

The primary data is typically analyzed by deploying either quantitative and qualitative approaches. Quantitative approach refers to conducting surveys and doing a statistical analysis. The questions are typically close ended which helps in statistically analyzing the data. Qualitative approach refers to using interviewing methods to learn about respondents’ opinions, values and beliefs. The questions are typically open ended encouraging respondents’ to share their thinking and school of thought. 

Common Mistakes in Research

Reliance on Secondary Research – While secondary is a great place to start but in most cases it lacks context and the information is either outdated or does not provide a full picture therefore making business decisions based on secondary research is considered very risky. 

Search Engines & Web Resources – Relying on search engines and web resources to gather information could lead to inaccuracies thereby making reliability and validity of data questionable. 

Surveying Acquaintances – Surveying only the people you know may not be the right way to collect the data, questioning the reliability and accuracy of the information. Therefore, it is important to identify and screen respondents based on the research aims and objectives and reaching out to them for data collection. 

To perform in-depth market research, it is highly recommended to seek expert advice and engage research professionals. Consider market research as a strategic long term investment which can help businesses to not only become competitive but also grow, succeed and become profitable. 

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Author: Waqas Siddiqui
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