Why Dubai - Business Setup in Dubai

Dubai Economic Overview

Over the course of last four decades, Dubai has become a major business, tourism and trading hub of Middle East. Dubai is today known as the Most-Diversified economy in the world and thanks to its location serves as the biggest re-exporting hub in the Middle East.

Dubai’s excellent infrastructure, international outlook and business friendly policies are attracting investors in a big way. Activities such as trade, logistics, manufacturing, financial services, real estate and tourism have shown tremendous growth in few decades enabling Dubai economy to grow and diversify.

Why Dubai

Dubai is one of the largest and the most inhabited city in United Arab Emirates (UAE). Dubai’s evolution can be attributed to the forward thinking approach of the founding fathers of UAE. They encouraged business friendly environment and strived to build a world-class infrastructure; in a short span of four decades.

Political & Economic Stability

Dubai is a politically stable country with one of the lowest-crime rate globally. The government is consistent with its policies and strives to make Dubai a role-model city globally in by making pro-business policies. Likewise, Dubai has a sound legal framework in place.

Strategic Location

Dubai’s strategic location gives easy access to 2.2 billion consumers, from a unique centralised time zone that combines East and West business hours. Today, Dubai has not only emerged as a regional economic hub, but is also considered the Hong Kong of the Middle East.

Population & Diversity

The diverse and multicultural population of Dubai (2.8 Million in 2017) offers its residents and businesses a unique environment, enriched with hundreds of cultures (202 Nationalities) and a quality of life and work unrivalled in the Middle East. Thanks to its family-friendly lifestyle appeal and investment incentives thousands of new businesses are discovering each year.

Ease of Doing Business in Dubai

Dubai has favorable business policies in place, which encourages the establishment of companies in the Emirate. Many organizations that wish to cater to Middle East, African and even South Asian markets, prefer setting up offices in Dubai. Besides, Dubai being the economic and commercial hub of the region, this also acts as a natural catalyst towards attracting thousands of business every year from around the world.

Dubai – The Next Investment Destination

Dubai is one of the most competitive cities globally offering cost, market and location advantages to businesses. These advantages rank Dubai as the leading business center both regionally as well as globally.

Dubai Major & Upcoming Sectors

Dubai has been predominant in trade, tourism, logistics, real-estate, manufacturing and financial services. In more recent times, Dubai is striving to develop other profitable sectors / industries of the economy:

  • Education
  • E-Commerce (Online Stores)
  • Hospitality & Entertainment
  • Tourism (Business / MICE / Leisure)
  • Healthcare (Medical Tourism)
  • Logistics (Free Zones, Airports)
  • IT & Innovation (SMART Technologies)
  • Small & Mid-Scale Manufacturing
  • Business Services
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Startups & Incubation Centers

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