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Our Team

Our Team

Our Values

Research Konnection is full of smart people who are passionate researchers and analysts at heart. We collaborate, synergise and team up to work on different and unique research projects. We have often endured challenges and difficulties while conducting researches but our collective knowledge, skills and abilities have always paved way for interesting and value-added insights and solutions. We work smart, defying the conventional norms and we enjoy what we do, which is RESEARCH.

Leadership Team

Waqas S. (Founder & Managing Director)

Based in UAE since 1992, Waqas is a Research Expert with 12+ years’ experience of UAE and Gulf market. Waqas primarily specialises in conducting Market Research to identify emerging business opportunities in the region, develop Market Entry strategies and provide both strategic and operational inputs to International Companies & Brand.

Jamshed A. (Senior Partner)

Jamshed is a Chartered Accountant with over 20 years of experience in Finance and Investment Management across FMCG, Financial Services, Consulting and Pharma industries. At Research Konnection, Jamshed is responsible for shaping strategy and vision along with overseeing the execution of business plans and inspiring Research Konnection leadership in the process.

Core Team

Sandeep R. (Research Analyst)

Sandeep has over 7 years’ experience in market research and business consulting projects in UAE, GCC, India and Singapore. At Research Konnection, Sandeep is responsible for the Market Research and Data Analysis.

Ayesha Z. (Financial & Technical Analyst)

Ayesha has over 7 years’ experience in market research, financial and statistical analysis of research findings. At Research Konnection, Ayesha is responsible for financial modeling as well as survey design, tabulation and interpreting statistical data.

Fathima A. (Financial & Research Analyst)

Fathima specialises in financial and market analysis and plays a pivotal role in adding significant value to the overall research. At Research Konnection, Fathima is responsible for carrying out financial analysis & projections as well as providing key support in data collection, data analysis and reporting.

Abdul W. (Digital Consultant)

Abdul specialises in data analytics, search engine optimisation and digital analysis of businesses. At Research Konnection, Abdul is responsible for providing inputs on digital marketing channels and strategies that be used to penetrate in UAE / Gulf markets, track competition and generate leads.

Tayyeb S. (Field Partner)

Tayyab specialises in fieldwork (surveys & interviews) and has field experience in UAE and GCC region. Tayyab is responsible for providing support in data collection, surveys and interviews with the target audience.

Paritosh K. (Associate Editor)

Paritosh K. is a Research Analyst with a deep knowledge of UAE business and economy. At Research Konnection, Paritosh provides editorial support to enhance readability and ensure data, facts and insights are accurate and valid.

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