Dubai’s Digital Health Strategy focuses on Data-Driven Healthcare Services

Dubai’s Digital Health Strategy focuses on Data-Driven Healthcare Services

The Dubai Healthcare Authority (DHA) recently conducted a workshop among 100+ key stakeholders. The participants included healthcare service providers and technology companies. The workshop aimed to discuss the Digital Healthcare Strategy. The new strategy focused on delivering patient-centric and data-driven healthcare services. It emphasized systems that involve patient records, data analytics, and other digitally integrated healthcare services. The workshop provided an opportunity for the stakeholders to share their feedback.

Key Inputs – Dubai Digital Health Strategy

The workshop participants provided insights on elevating the Dubai Digital Health Strategy. Major suggestions included an emphasis on collaboration to make the strategy successful. The primary goal of the strategy should be to provide high-quality patient-centered personalized care for all individuals.

Furthermore, the Digital Health Strategy will provide a framework to achieve digital transformation across the healthcare industry. These technologies will further improve the patient service system with the vision of providing high-quality services. Likewise, this will also enable Dubai residents to manage their well-being in an efficient manner.

Dubai Digital Health Strategy – Key Objectives

  • Effectively digitizing patients’ journey across the health continuum
  • Providing a framework, legislation, and policies for digital health
  • Maximizing information exchange of healthcare systems
  • Leveraging the latest infrastructure
  • Leveraging the advanced AI, data analytics, and information management system
  • Becoming a leader in Digital Health Research & Development field
  • Setting up a strong Digital Health ecosystem to empower a digital community

Apart from enhancing patient delivery, and providing data for evidence-based public health and disease prevention strategies, the digital healthcare strategy will also benefit the industry. Similarly, they can act as an effective digital tool for th patients to track their health and wellbeing

NABIDH Initiative

One of these Digital Health Strategy initiatives in the pipeline is the NABIDH. It provides residents and professionals with access to an electronic medical record in Dubai. During the workshop, 52 Dubai-based hospitals were recognized for implementing the NABIDH initiative. 

The file provides complete information of the patient’s medical history. By the end of 2023, all clinics in Dubai will also be a part of NABIDH initiative.

Initiatives like NABIDH complement the findings of a recently concluded health survey in UAE by the Royal Philips Healthcare division. It stated that 95% of the respondents were willing to accept digital health technologies and they were more proactive in taking care of their health. 

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Author: Waqas Siddiqui
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