Digital Health Technologies Popular in UAE - Royal Philips Survey

Digital Health Technologies Popular in UAE – Royal Philips Survey

The Royal Philips Healthcare division recently conducted a survey among UAE residents. The main objective of the survey was to understand emerging health trends. The online study focused on gauging public perception of healthcare in the UAE. 

Research findings indicated that 88% respondents wished to be more proactive in taking care of their health. Likewise, 95% of respondents were willing to accept the digital health technologies. They believe that digital health could play a vital role in detecting health issues. Similarly, 72% of the respondents were open for virtual discussions with their doctors and believe that the results had the same effectiveness when compared to in-person examinations. Over 82% of the respondents also believed that priority should be given for sustainable practices in healthcare. 

Healthcare & Technology in UAE – Market Insights

The UAE has transitioned itself into a healthcare hub that is more proactive in preventive measures than a sick care facility. The transformation was possible due to the advancement in technology that provides improved health outcomes at different stages. Likewise, the UAE consumers are also highly welcoming the preventive healthcare measures and embracing the latest digital health technologies. The study reflected the preference of digital healthcare among the UAE.

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Prevention & Healthy Living

In the aftermath of COVID-19, a significant number of UAE residents are taking proactive measures towards their health. With digital technology, two-third of respondents feel they are in control of their health. Over 89% indicated having good health while 88% wanted to be proactive about their wellbeing. Major factors that the respondents focused on were healthy living (53%), managing health records (52%), mentorship programs (48%) and access to health information (48%).

Health & Technology

More than 95% of the respondents believed that the technology can help manage their health primarily because of easy usage (51%), easy access to professionals (51%), easy access to results (50%) and health data stored for easy retrieval (46%).

Sustainability in Healthcare

The respondents believed that sustainability is the key in healthcare and it should be the priority for the healthcare operators. The respondents also believe that the operators should prioritize the environment (51%) while 41% mentioned that they should aim for operating in a carbon negative environment.

Author: Waqas Siddiqui
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