UAE United To Fight Against Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer primarily occurring in women. The cancer originates from the inner lining of milk ducts or the lobules that supply the ducts with milk. Cancers originating from ducts are known as “ductal carcinomas” while while those originating from lobules are known as “lobular carcinomas”.

The earliest symptom of breast cancer is development of a lump around the human breast. Though not every lump is cancerous, yet it is essential that upon discovering such symptom, doctors should be consulted immediately.

Besides lump, other common symptoms associated with the disease are related to peeling, scaling of flaking of the breast, pain in breast, change in skin texture around the breast and blood discharge from the women breast.
It is estimated that in every 24 seconds a women across the globe is diagnosed with this disease. Like other parts of the globe, the breast cancer is quite prevalent in UAE as well. There is a need to address the issue and increase the awareness of breast cancer among women in UAE. According to health authorities over 30 percent of the cases come for treatment in the 3rd stage, which makes treatment even worse. Henceforth, every year, UAE health authorities dedicate the month of October towards breast cancer awareness.

In line with contributions made by UAE government, @ Research Konnection, we have designed a survey to evaluate the awareness level in UAE women towards the breast cancer screening, awareness and knowledge. Mentioned below are some of the major findings of the survey:-

Survey Information
The survey was conducted across a sample of 300 women in UAE coming across different demographic and socio-economic profiles.

Breast Cancer Screening is Important
Almost all the women surveyed replied that breast cancer screening is important. Out of which 70 percent responded that they have knowledge about breast cancer. However, surprisingly over 60 percent of them said that, they have not done a breast cancer screening before. Likewise, majority of the women have not undergone a screening, because their doctors did not recommend the same. Other factors due to which women did not undergo a breast cancer screening are lack of knowledge and expensive nature of the test.

On being asked what would motivate them to have a breast cancer screening, majority again believed discussion with doctor. This was followed by knowing an acquaintance with the same disease or if they were educated to do a self-exam.

Effective Medium


The surveys reflect that majority of the respondents believe doctors and physicians are vital source of information. However, on being asked about receiving breast cancer screening information, only 25 percent of women said that they have received information from their doctor.

On the contrary, the research findings suggest that women in UAE received breast cancer information through media platforms such as print media, TV, radio and online platform. However, a uniform response could not be generated on being asked specifically about the most effective media platform for spreading information about breast cancer awareness. This indicates that a successful brand awareness campaign needs to incorporate multiple media sources.


United for a Noble Cause Cause
Though a substantial percentage of women in UAE still lack information about breast cancer awareness, they appear very united and enthusiastic towards spreading awareness to fight against the disease. Almost everyone unanimously agreed in actively participate to spread awareness. They also believed that the general public should be informed about the disease.

Prevention against Breast Cancer
Awareness is the key component towards fighting against breast cancer. With heightened awareness among the women towards preventive measures, the rate of this disease could be further scaled down. Prevention is the best cure. There are various initiatives which can lead to prevention or early detection of the disease.

  1. Mammography: – It is a breast screening technique which is used for diagnosing breast cancer. After the age of 40, when the risk of the disease amplifies, it is advisable that women should undergo Mammography once in two year. Women with a history of such disease in the family should do it without fail.
  2. Breast Feeding: – Researches aimed at finding out connection between breast feeding and Breast Cancer has often been often inconsistent. However many research showcases that prolonged breast feeding can lower the risk Breast Cancer.
  3. Healthy Lifestyle: – Maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle involving healthy food and ample exercise could be one of the key factors towards maintaining better health and avoiding diseases.

In the end, we would like to thank all our survey participants for their valuable support. Their response indicates that we are falling short of the required level of awareness, which eventually results in cases of late detection. However on a positive side, as a community we are united for fight for the cause.

Doctors and major stakeholders have a vital role to play, but it appears that they are underutilized. A more active participation from doctors in spreading information about breast cancer awareness can go a long way in cementing efforts towards the ailments. Another important insight drawn is about the effective usage of media platforms, which requires a meticulous planning to engage multiple sources.

Author: RKonnect
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