Increased Demand for Immunity Boosting F&B Products in UAE – Gulfood 2021

Increased Demand for Immunity Boosting F&B Products in UAE – Gulfood 2021

Dubai – The recently concluded Gulfood 2021 event saw an increased interest from retailers for certain foods and beverages that aid in boosting immunity. Several exhibitors revealed that, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, there had been an increase in demand for fresh fruits, vegetables, and other food items that were known to boost the body’s immune system. This was primarily because of the growing awareness among consumers about the benefits of eating healthy as a means of building up the body’s immune system. This contributed to the growth in the sale of fresh fruits, vegetables, and juices.

Furthermore, the consumers have started cooking more at home and preparing meals with more fresh fruits and vegetables, as a precautionary measure against the pandemic. This has increased the demand for fresh fruits and vegetables. There has also been a noticeable increase in interest towards organic produce and an increase in demand for products in this segment.

Food Trends 2021 – UAE

  • Increased consumption of fresh fruits such as oranges and kiwis
  • Increased consumption of fresh vegetables including leafy greens
  • Increased consumption of fresh juices
  • Increased consumption of food items that boost immunity 
  • Increased consumption of organic foods
  • Reduced consumption of sugary drinks

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Demand for Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

Food & Beverage (F&B) industry experts in the Gulfood 2021 mentioned that despite healthy foods and proper nutrition being a norm in the market, the interest for various products in this segment have surged since the pandemic. Consumers are researching various products and their health benefits before they make their purchase. One of such F&B products that have seen an increase in demand are fresh fruit juices, especially those with lots of Vitamin C such as orange and kiwi, as the consumers are aware of their immunity-boosting properties.

Consumers are also shifting away from drinks such as sodas, which are loaded with sugars and sweeteners and are instead consuming beverages that have no sugar added or only contain natural sweeteners. The F&B operators are also actively adding organic, healthy food to their products list because of the increase in demand.

Investment Opportunities in UAE F&B Market

The shift to natural and healthy products had already been gradually increasing, because of the awareness and the efforts from the government to promote a healthier lifestyle, but the pandemic has definitely accelerated the process. Events such as Gulfood 2021, will further increase the awareness of all the healthy food options that are available for the consumers. The event is bound to continue attracting thousands of different F&B players around the globe, solidifying Dubai and the UAE as major F&B destination across the globe.

Food & Beverage Business Investment Opportunities in Dubai & UAE

Despite a global economic slowdown because of the pandemic, the UAE continues to be one of the fastest-growing F&B sectors in the world. With Dubai being one of the first city to control and open up during the COVID19 pandemic and its efforts in cementing its position as a strategic re-export hub in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, the F&B sector is expected to witness further growth in the years to come. In addition, the overall expenditure on F&B products in the UAE is estimated to increase by 7% on an annual basis from AED 136 billion (USD 37 billion) in 2020 to AED 150 billion (USD 41 billion) by the end of 2025 making it a great destination for F&B related business investments. 

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Author: Waqas Siddiqui
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