Etisalat’s New Internet Policy Will Positively Impact Businesses In The Country

Etisalat has recently decided to upgrade the internet speed of its business customers by 2.5 times. For instance, a business with a speed of 4 Mbps will be automatically upgraded to 10 Mbps without any involvement of extra amount. The new initiative is supposed to make tremendous impact on the overall business landscape of UAE, especially in the context of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) for which internet connectivity is considered to be an expensive as well as essential resource.

SME Segment in UAE

UAE has a significant SME sector comprising of near around 300,000 SMEs, which is expected to get further boost as the economy of UAE is rapidly diversifying. According to the data revealed by UAE Ministry of Economy, SME sector comprises of 92% of registered companies, 86% of the private sector and 40% activities in GDP. The SMEs in UAE are spread across a multitude of sectors comprising of trade, retail, technology, tourism and consultation etc.

In the near future as Dubai is going to conduct World Expo 2020 and Abu Dhabi is undertaking massive economic diversification in the form of Abu Dhabi 2030, the activities associated with the SME sector should be further heightened.

Internet Usage and SME

In the modern world internet is the lifeline of businesses. The significance of internet further amplifies in the context of SMEs, where the budget is tight and a large part of the activity is done on the web medium, encompassing marketing and branding, customer interaction, exploration of new opportunities and konnecting with new customer segments. Not to mention conduct competitive research, access latest information and use intranet for internal communications.

However, given the fact that SMEs and many new ventures are subject to budget constraint, high internet is an expensive resource.  In this regard the recent decision by Etisalat to enhance the internet speed by 2.5 times could be a great blessing for the rapidly burgeoning SME segment in UAE. It could help SMEs manage their marketing, operations and other activities without incurring any additional cost.

The Hub

UAE, especially Dubai is believed to be the epicenter of trade, commerce and technologies in GCC and MENA region. This is aided by the city’s strategic business location, business friendly environment, presence of ample growth options and a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Many regional companies and entrepreneurs prefer to have their presence in Dubai and using it as a beachhead, try reach out to other markets.

Hence Etisalat’s new step to increase the internet speed will not only be beneficial to individual businesses but should have long lasting impact on UAE economy as a whole as well. It will add further mileage to the status of Dubai and UAE as business hubs and will contribute towards attracting and retaining more regional and global business.

Research Konnection

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