e-Learning Market To Grow in Dubai & UAE

e-Learning Market To Grow in Dubai & UAE

UAE has one of the highest literacy rates (93%) within the developing countries with a very high enrollment ratio for both primary and secondary education. The current phase of education growth has benefitted from strong government focus, high budget allocation and improved education quality at public schools. 

However, the next wave of education growth in UAE will depend on growing demand from private schools to impart e-Education as the coronavirus pandemic pushes the next wave of large scale student-teacher participation through the use of technology. It seems likely that COVID-19 could potentially alter the learning patterns as technology takes centre-stage in providing an online education platform. It is expected that ICT will transform, change and might alter the way education is imparted in the coming years.

Emerging Trends in Online Education

Educational infrastructural developments have transmitted the extensive use of smart e-Learning products by students at all stages of education with the market share of the K-12 in the overall online education being the highest followed by higher education. 

In UAE, schools and universities have been in the lead of digital learning evolution, aggressively using e-Learning apps, publicizing information through online lectures and videos. Now, e-Learning is set to take the centre-stage in UAE, amidst the effort of the government to restrain the impact of the pandemic in the country.

Education institutions have started interactions via live session portals which combine chat, video calls, file storage and application integration facilitating teacher-student interactions. Few schools have partnered with AI (Artificial Intelligence) based learning companies that help students with English, Mathematics and Science. Flipped classroom is another educational exchange method, where conventional classroom-based learning is replaced with the sharing of learning material before the classroom time to deepen understanding among students and encourage them to solve problems. 

Changing Landscape of Online Education in the UAE

While the UAE’s education market is valued at AED 19 billion (USD 5.2 billion) in 2019 and estimated to grow by 8.3% annually, the online education segment was valued at AED 3 billion (USD 854 million) in 2019 and is estimated to reach AED 4.7 billion (USD 1.3 billion) by 2023 at a CAGR of 15.2%. The segment is expected to showcase a lucrative growth, primarily due to the increased demand emerging from K-12 school as COVID-19 continues to impact the movement of students in the country.

In addition, the UAE government has supported numerous initiatives promoting the use of technology in K-12, including:

  • Madrasa e-Learning Platform – UAE MoE has launched Madrasa, a free e-learning platform for students across K-12, which contains over 5,000 videos in Arabic
  • Duroosi YouTube Channel – Duroosi channel is packed with tutorials for grades 11 & 12 standards. The channel was launched through a partnership between Google, UAE MoE and Etisalat
  • Diwan e-Book Reader – This app facilitates teachers and students from government schools to learn and interact online
  • Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Learning Project – The AED 1 billion (USD 3.7 billion) programme is part of Vision 2021 is equipping around 400 campuses with the latest 4G networks, e-Boards, smart tablets as well as e-Content, iPads and Android platforms. The program is a joint venture between the MoE and the UAE Telecommunications Regulatory Authority aiming to create a solid and integrated e-Learning platform that actively involves teachers, students as well as parents to enhance the learning experience.

Investment Potential for e-Learning Service Providers in Dubai & UAE

As stated earlier, the COVID-19 situation has forced K-12 schools to provide online education thereby opening the doors for new players to tap into the UAE e-Learning market. Additionally, the rapid pace of ICT infrastructure growth in the country which includes adoption of advanced technology is expected to expand the e-Learning market especially after the current changing dynamics with online education taking centre stage in all forms of education. 

As public and private K-12 schools along with other educational institutes switch to online education, it provides opportunities to the e-Learning service providers to tap into the market and capitalize from the increasing demand.

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Author: Waqas Siddiqui
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