Dubai Unveils 72Km Coastal Project Aiming to Plant 100 Million Mangroves Trees 

Massive Mangrove Planting Initiative

Dubai – Plans have been revealed for the “Dubai Mangroves” project which aims to transform 72 kilometers of its coastline into a green landscape by planting over 100 million mangrove trees by 2040. The initiative was announced by the Dubai-based developer URB. The ambitious project includes boardwalks over mangrove forests, biospheres, pocket beach parks, social spaces, a visitor hub, a botanical museum, and a nature reserve conservation center.

Pilot Locations and Project Goals

URB has selected six pilot locations including Jebel Ali, Marina, Jumeirah, Umm Suqeim, Mercato, and Dubai Islands Beach. Each site for “Dubai Mangroves” has been chosen to test various innovative coastal regeneration methods tailored to the needs of each area. URB’s CEO Baharash Bagherian stated that the current focus is on conducting design studies to assess the project’s feasibility and effectiveness. The initiative aims to enhance Dubai’s coastal defenses and create a vibrant habitat for various plant and animal species.  Furthermore, the project can potentially create 10,000 job opportunities in Dubai. 

Funding and Technological Innovations

The project will explore various funding sources, initially focusing on research-level collaborations. Potential funding avenues include sponsorships, investment in carbon credits, and participation in environmental education and conservation efforts. URB also plans to employ advanced technologies such as drones for planting mangrove seeds and AI-powered analytics for monitoring restoration efforts. These mangroves are expected to significantly contribute to carbon sequestration, absorbing approximately 1.23 million tonnes of CO2 annually. This capacity is equivalent to removing the emissions of over 260,000 gasoline-powered vehicles each year. Moreover, Dubai recently launched the Global Blueprint for Artificial Intelligence (AI) which will work towards harnessing technology for quality-of-life focused outcomes. The initiative aims to attract global startups by enhancing competitiveness in facilitating business operations and encouraging the growth of AI technologies and advanced industries.

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Author: Waqas Siddiqui
I am passionate about supporting businesses in successfully expanding in the UAE and Gulf region. I can be reached at for research inquiries.