UAE Ministry of Economy Launches Startup Programme with Huawei Cloud

UAE Ministry of Economy Launches Startup Programme with Huawei Cloud

The Ministry of Economy’s Entrepreneurial Nation has partnered with Huawei Cloud to introduce a Startup Program in the UAE. This program aims to accelerate the growth of startups in the UAE. It offers eligible businesses up to AED 550,000 ($150,000) in vouchers and grants access to Huawei Cloud’s ecosystem resources.

The Huawei Cloud Startup Program is a support initiative designed to boost the development of technology startups. By leveraging Huawei’s expertise and cloud innovations, the program assists startups in overcoming challenges related to funding. Likewise, it supports them with technical resources, commercial connections and facilitating their market expansion.

Empowering UAE Startups with Huawei Cloud Startup Program

Huawei Cloud helps startups scale their operations without the burden of high infrastructure costs and limited computing capacity of on-premise data centers. Additionally, they gain access to advanced technologies and resources at a fraction of the usual expenses. By drawing on Huawei’s three decades of experience in ICT, the program provides crucial support to this sector. It also fosters innovation in the UAE and propels its digitization objectives.

Entrepreneurial Support 

Entrepreneurs participating in the program can benefit from Huawei’s extensive ecosystem. This includes access to innovative solutions, technical support, mentorship and market development opportunities. Moreover, Huawei offers go-to-market assistance to ensure that small business owners can effectively reach their target audience. Recognizing the importance of collaboration for growth, Huawei Cloud facilitates connections among founders, like-minded entrepreneurs and industry experts

During October 2022, the UAE Ministry of Economy initiated the second stage of The Entrepreneurial Nation. The national project was dedicated to advancing the UAEs Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). On similar lines, this phase involves substantial public-private sector collaborations, aiming to foster a vibrant entrepreneurial culture in the UAE. This is also in line with strategic priorities of the Government to expand UAE’s international economic partnerships.

Earlier this year, the UAE government reduced fees of 14 business services to enhance the attractiveness of its business environment in the UAE. The country is currently ranked 12th globally for competitiveness.

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Author: Waqas Siddiqui
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