UAE Government Set Priorities for 2023

UAE Achieves Top Ratings Globally for Socio-Economic Indicators 

H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid, UAE’s Prime Minister revealed the five government priorities for 2023 during the first cabinet meeting of the year. He also shared details on Twitter followed by a summary of 2022. The summary stated that UAE ranked among the top five countries in the world in 339 developmental, economic and social indicators. In 2022, the UAE government formed over 100+ teams to update social, economic, educational, and regulatory laws to stay current with many changes that have been happening globally. The strong government initiatives have led UAE to become the fastest-growing economy in the Gulf.

UAE  Government Focus – 2023

  • National identity and its consolidation
  • Environment and sustainability
  • Educational system and the development of its vision, indicators and outputs
  • Emiratisation and its acceleration
  • Expanding the UAE’s international economic partnerships

2023 Budget Allocation

The UAE cabinet also approved the country’s federal budget for 2023-2026. The approved federal budget for the period amounted to total expenditure of AED 252.3 billion and a revenue of AED 255.7 billion. Likewise, the allocated budget for the year 2023 was estimated to be AED 63 billion and total estimated revenues presented for approval amounted for AED 63.6 billion.

Some of the sectors to which the budget was allocated were for the social development and social benefits sector, government affairs sector and financial investments sector.

For the social development sector, AED 24.8 billion (39.3% of the total general budget) was allocated. Public and university education programmes – AED 9.8 billion (15.5% ). Healthcare and community protection, AED 4.8 billion (7.6%). Social affairs – AED 3.5 billion (5.6%) and AED 5 billion (8%) was allocated to the pensions.

The Government Affairs sector was allocated AED 23.9 billion (38% of the total general budget). Infrastructure and Economic resources, AED 2.4 billion (3.8 %). The Financial Investments sector – AED 2.1 billion (3.4%) including AED 753 million allocated to the Federal Investment projects. Federal expenses were allocated AED 9.8 billion (15.5%). The government’s priorities for 2023 will pave way for UAE’s economic recovery and result in increased consumer spending.

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Author: Waqas Siddiqui
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