School and Childcare Show Boosts Emphasis on Education in Dubai

School & Childcare Show 2018 – Dubai Education Sector

With the view to attract parents and students in the upcoming academic year, the School and Childcare Show is held at the apt time. With almost 2% of Dubai’s GDP coming from its education sector, the show was perfectly positioned to leverage the positive outlook displayed by both ends – the edu-tech and academic institutions as well as parents and children. Looking at the massive shortfall of school seats in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the show is expected to close the gap and make education available for all. 

The School and Childcare Show is one of the biggest educational events in the Middle East. It helps parents to know the academic options available to their children and how they can plan a good educational foundation for them in a strategic manner. Participants include every entity from the educational spectrum – right from kindergarten and preschools to full- fledged educations institutions

The educational institutions get to have a face to face discussion with interested parents and download information about the course curriculum, timings, syllabus and qualification requirement. Parents can also enquire about the admission procedure and the fees applicable for a particular course from a particular educational institution. Looking at the tremendous impact of the event, participating institutions are also expected to offer students enrollment and admission.

As a parent residing in Dubai and the Middle East, they can get more information on these types of exhibitors participating in the School and Childcare Show:

  • Day Schools
  • Boarding Schools
  • Preschools, Kindergartens, and Nurseries
  • Summer Activity Centers
  • Learning Institutes
  • Educational Service Providers
  • Banks and finance companies who offer financing for education
  • After School Programs

In order to attract students and parents, the exhibitors will also provide an insightful yet entertaining presentation programme to expand their outreach, engage better with the students and facilitate higher volumes of enrolment to the institution.

Impact of the education sector in Dubai economy

With a strong focus on good education the Middle East is emerging as a hot market for those in the field of education and edutech. The show holds good prospect especially with Dubai coming across as an education hub for major companies across the international horizon. For those who are looking for more evidence in this aspect, events in the past like Tesol Arabia conference in 2015. As per reports, Dubai’s education sector contributes as much as 1.7% of the emirate’s GDP.


The Middle East also display a unique characteristic – Women outperform men in terms of university attendance as per a CNN report. Also most of the interest in Dubai’s education sector stems from a massive influx of expat population (more than 10 million tourists as compared to 2.3 million locals). Also, Dubai is expected to need atleast 74,500 additional school seats in 50 new private schools by 2020. It is a similar phenomenon in Abu Dhabi where 62,000 additional school seats in 52 new private schools by 2020.

Impact of show on students and parents – Dubai

Looking at the immense growth offered by the education sector, it is important to encourage events like The School and Childcare Show. This will let education experts engage with a broader range of audience. It also allows parents to stop by at the exhibitor stands, get information on the course and curriculum, and make an informed decision on the type of opportunities available in the Middle East for their children’s education. Clearly this event is expected to be one of the biggest ones and will play a strong role in shaping the educational future of many students.

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