Research Konnection’s Founder Reflects on the Company’s Success

Research Konnection’s Founder Reflects on the Company’s Success

“Never underestimate the value of research and planning while devising a strategy or making business decisions.” — Waqas H. Siddiqui, Founder, Research Konnection

Research Konnection can trace its origins back to 2014, when founder Waqas H. Siddiqui decided to dedicate his career to supporting entrepreneurs, startups, and companies start and grow their businesses in the Gulf countries.

“Growing up in UAE and being a resident for almost three decades,” Siddiqui says, “I believed I had a fair amount of knowledge about the country’s socio-economic dynamics. I combined that with business and research expertise to help businesses better understand the Gulf economy, markets and people.”

It hasn’t been an easy road — the market research industry is growing in Dubai. But Siddiqui knew he could build something special. “What differentiates us from the rest is our knowledge about the market and quality driven approach as we strive to provide customized and value-added research and insights.”

Siddiqui continues, “We specialize in primarily market and financial feasibility studies, business planning & development and successful market entry for businesses by conducting in-depth market research.” That level of expertise has helped our team grow into a trusted market research partner.

You don’t just have to take our word for it. Research Konnection is listed as a top company on The Manifest, a site that helps clients find the best companies for their B2B projects. We also have a profile on their sister site, Clutch, which allows our clients to leave feedback about our projects together.

In our most recent review featured on the platform, we conducted market research for a fitness management company. The result? Glowing reviews from their team.

“They were really professional, providing good service and support. […] I liked their support the best.” — Viktor Zaman, Founder, PLX DXB

We’re thankful for such thoughtful feedback, and we’re proud of the work that went into earning it. We hope it inspires you to invest invaluable market research services. As Siddiqui says, “Often, businesses undermine the importance of conducting market research and end up exhausting resources and investments in ventures that are commercially infeasible.”

Our biggest goal is helping you avoid that scenario by giving you the tools to grow. Reach out to us today to see what Research Konnection can do for you.

Research Konnection is the best rated Market Research Company in Dubai assisting clients in business setups and expansion in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and UAE. At Research Konnection, we specialize in Market Feasibility Studies, Business Plan Development and Business Modeling. Feel free to reach out to us on