MEDLAB 2018 - Focuses on Best Practice Developments in Laboratory Medicine in Middle East

MEDLAB 2018 - Focuses on Best Practice Developments in Laboratory Medicine in Middle East

MEDLAB 2018 – Focuses on Best Practice Developments in Laboratory Medicine in Middle East

Dubai – MEDLAB Middle East is the world’s largest attended laboratory & IVD exhibition. This year the MEDLAB event took place at Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center (5-8th February 2018) and concluded on a positive note.

This year’s exhibition brought together approximately 600 exhibitors, 6500 delegates and more than 25,000 attendees from over 125 countries to learn and share recognized best practice developments in laboratory medicine with the focus of raising medical and service standards across Middle East. Moreover, MEDLAB served as a unique platform for meeting and connecting with peers in the laboratory field.

Key Highlights – MEDLAB EVENT

The exhibition covered a number of the key challenges, including Diabetes Testing and Management, Laboratory Informatics, Clinical Microbiology and Laboratory Management. In addition to the laboratory tracks, the exhibition was also an opportunity to address clinical tracks like Endocrinology, Cardiology and Oncology.

According to the experts, the UAE and Dubai’s healthcare sector will be positively boosted by MEDLAB, as the potential of medical laboratories in the UAE and Middle East has attracted the attention of medical specialists and companies from all over the world. Currently, UAE’s healthcare sector contributes near around 4 per cent towards the country’s GDP and has market value in excess of US 10 billion.

Furthermore, the MEDLAB exhibition is considered significant as Dubai aims to become the regional medical tourism hub and investing heavily in improving healthcare infrastructure in the Emirate.

Impact of MEDLAB on UAE’s Healthcare Industry

The impact of MEDLAB on UAE’s healthcare sector is likely to be significant, as it attracted medical laboratories and other healthcare companies from all over the world. The exhibition is likely to encourage global healthcare companies to consider UAE / MENA region as an attractive destination for future investments.

In fact, MEDLAB Middle East 2018 provided an unparalleled opportunity for MENA’s countries to demonstrate their potential in terms of laboratory and medical development. This should attract even more foreign direct investments (FDI) to the region, in the years to come.

In addition, the introduction of compulsory medical insurance schemes by UAE and other GCC governments, together with mega healthcare projects and regulatory developments in the region, will pave way for further investments in UAE and MENA region.

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