Investors are positive and confident about the UAE economy

Investors are positive and confident about the UAE economy

A survey conducted by Union Bank of Switzerland unveiled that more than 85% of the investors in the UAE have increasingly become confident and optimistic about the economic conditions in the region. Furthermore, half of the investors that were surveyed (51%) believed that life in the Middle East will return to normal before July 2021, while 49% believed that it will not happen until the second half of this year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic (63%), climate change (56%) and fear of a market downturn (55%).

Approximately 86% of the investors saw a clear value in sustainable investments in companies that incorporate social and environmental considerations in their operations and expected the same or even better returns from sustainable investments when compared to the traditional portfolios. Likewise, almost 9 out of 10 of the investors mentioned that they needed more expert financial advice than ever, in order to make better and informed business decision making

Overview of Foreign Direct Investments in UAE

Over the past few years, the UAE has taken several measures and introduced new laws to become a leading destination for FDI in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The year 2019 saw an increase in FDI by 32% reaching AED 47.5 billion (USD 13 billion) and AED 564 billion (USD 154 billion) in stocks. Despite a drop in FDI for the year 2020, the initiatives taken by the government are expected to boost the foreign investments up to 15% in the forthcoming years. 

Some of the key factors for the increase in FDI inflows apart from its political and economic stability are the government initiatives to diversify the economy, new laws in business ownership & Emirati citizenship, the increase in free zones and UAE’s increased FDI inflows is due to its foreign investment deregulation policies which have provided investors more financial incentives to set up or remain in the UAE. 

UAE – Attractive Destination for Investment

The UAE has positioned itself to become a leading destination hub in the MENA region for business and leisure. It has developed world-class infrastructure with quality airports, hotels, public facilities, and economic zones, which furthers its evolution as an international business destination. The Citizenship reforms, 100% ownership of businesses and the EXPO 2020 which is to happen in UAE, is expected to attract international entrepreneurs and investors to leverage the favorable business environment in the country especially in sectors such as Education, Consumer Goods, Food & Beverage (F&B), Healthcare & Fitness, Real Estate, Innovation & Technology and Professional Services. Contact Research Konnection, one of the leading market research companies in Dubai to assist you with market research, feasibility studies, business planning and market entry.

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