International Education Show Brings the best of Global Education to Sharjah

International Education Show Brings the best of Global Education to Sharjah

As private education continues gaining traction in expected growth of 5% year on year till 2020, it underlines the phenomenal importance of the education sector. The International Education Show will be a positive step in this direction. The 3-day event will have participants and exhibitors from Malaysia, UK, UAE, India, US, and Australia. The UAE GDP is expected to cross the AED 1469 billion (USD 400 billion) in 2018, and a majority of this will come from 3 key sectors of education, tourism, and healthcare. This event is expected to set the tone about the importance of higher education for not only the locals but also the expats residing in the UAE and Dubai.

The 3-day International Education show promises to showcase the best of universities, exhibitors, and major players in the academic sector to converge together and interact with students, teachers, and parents about higher education. To be held between 24th Jan and 26th Jan, the event at Expo Center Sharjah, is expected to have more than 100 institutes in attendance.

Some of the key events that participants come across in the 3 day show include

  • Job placement events,
  • Short term technical, academic, and domain-specific courses,
  • Vocational development programmes for executive managers,
  • Presentations by educational institutions to attract students and their parents.

First time participants include names like Curtin University, Dubai, Eaton Business School, and University of West London.

The International Education Show has tried to embody the growing enthusiasm about higher education in the UAE and Dubai. Students and exhibitors alike eagerly await the annual show so that they can be better informed about the options available in an increasingly knowledge-dominated economy.

For those who are eager to check out various courses and streams that are open to them they can check out the opportunities presented by more than 100 exhibitors from more than 6 nations, including Malaysia, UK, UAE, India, US, and Australia.

Impact of education on UAE economy

UAE and Dubai have been major hubs for education on the worldwide arena. In 2018 and beyond, private education will gain immense momentum with an annual growth rate of 5% till 2020. Education, healthcare, and tourism continue to remain top draws as outlined by the confirmed participant list for Dubai Expo 2020.  Out of the AED 569.3 billion (USD155 billion) of projects in the pipeline, a majority of the projects are into these 3 core non-oil sectors. The enhancement in education sector is driven by a larger picture – the growing economic outlook in the UAE predicted for 2018.

The number of students enrolling in primary, secondary, and tertiary segments has been outperforming global education average. This speaks volumes about the confidence people worldwide have on this sector in the UAE. Even in Dubai, the education sector is very strong with 1.7% contribution to the emirate’s GDP. In the past too, events like Tesol Arabia conference in 2015 have highlighted the immense scope UAE has in promoting world class education and make the region a global hub in superior level academics and higher education.

With these positive signals it is no wonder that Dubai is emerging as the new global hub for education. The International Education show is being held at a time when education is growing at a great pace especially in Dubai. This is confirmed by the revenues generated by private schools in Dubai totaling to AED 4.7 billion ($1.28 billion). For academic institutions looking to set up business in UAE or Dubai, they can carry out their due diligence and be assured of great business potential here.

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