Importance of Conducting a Feasibility Study

Importance of Conducting a Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is conducted in order to examine if the proposed business idea or venture can be applied practically in a highly volatile and unpredictable market. With almost all the industries seeing a radical change due to the COVID-19, the need to conduct a feasibility study before setting up a business has increased. It provides a head start for the business and streamlines it, saving time and money. The key function of a feasibility study is to assess and evaluate whether it is financially feasible to invest in a business / venture etc.

There are several reasons why a feasibility study is conducted. 

Conducting a feasibility study helps in determining if the proposed business / venture can sustain itself for a long term and endure different kinds of risks (economic, financial, market etc.) that may incur. It can help identify the changing consumer requirements in a post-pandemic situation and provide insights on the additional services to be provided to satisfy the consumer needs. Feasibility study also helps in identifying business opportunities and/or potential threats that can hence enable business owners, investors and companies make informed decisions.

A feasibility study (market research) is usually conducted when business owners, investors and companies intend to establish or expand new business / venture in either an existing or new market.

There are several key components of a Feasibility Study which are often combined with a Business and Financial Plan.

  • Business / Venture Overview
  • Economic Overview (Assess socio-economic conditions and GDP growth rate etc)
  • Market Overview (Assess industry size, trends, growth and potential)
  • Impact of COVID-19 on the Industry
  • Post COVID-19 Situation
  •  Competition Overview (Evaluates major competitors, market share and positioning)
  • Consumer Overview (Assess needs and demands of consumers)
  • Business Model Overview (Location / Licensing / SWOT / PORTER Analysis)
  • Operations Overview (Management Structure / Controls / Production / Supply Chain)
  • Marketing Overview (Market Segmentation / Target Audience Profiling / Marketing Plan)
  • Investment Overview (Cost & Revenue Projections / Profitability / Return on Investment)
  • Opportunities & Risks
  • Recommendations

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