Dubai along with Abu Dhabi is going to host the Miss India Worldwide Beauty Pageant 2014, next month. More than 40 contestants of Indian origin aged between 17 and 27 will visit UAE to participate in the event. The events will be conducted concomitantly with an Indian Film Festival and culinary week and it will involve four rounds, evening gown, India dress, talent and interview.

Booming Events Industry

The announcement of the event is certainly sending euphoric waves to various social circles in Dubai, of which the emirate has always been boastful. However, what is more intriguing is the subtle transformation of Dubai from a regional hub for business, sports and entertainments to one with a massive international standing. Strategic location coupled with rise in economic activities across numerous sectors is fuelling up the event industry in the emirate.

The event management industry is worth of near around USD 100 (AED 367) million in Dubai.  In tandem with exhibitions and meeting industry, it contributes significantly towards tourism, hospitality aviation, and retail along with media, advertising and fashion industries directly. In addition it also helps the emirate to showcase itself to international visitors and businesses, which is frequently translated into more visits and business opportunities. Thus the economic activities generated are looped back into the system enabling further growth sector specific growth.

Tourism & Hospitality

Events are one of the principle constituent of the sprawling tourism landscape of Dubai. The emirate has received over 11 million tourists in 2013 and intends to double in seven years. Given its ambitious plans events plethora of events such as Miss India Worldwide will be one among the many important levers to carry on the execution.

A powerful event section is also stimulating the hospitality sector in emirate which boasts an arsenal of over 84,000 rooms. In 2013, the hotel occupancy was around 80 percent, in spite of the addition of 2780 rooms in the3, 4 and 5 star categories. The Average Room Rate (ARR) was registered at AED 1022 (USD 278) leading to a Revenue per Available Room (RevPAR) to AED 815 (USD 222); up from AED 771 (USD 210) in 2012. Unsurprisingly, Dubai along with some other Middle Eastern (ME) tourist destinations seems to have an edge over other mature tourist markets in Europe, Far East and Latin America.

Bundling of Events

Dubai’s strategic approach towards tourism and hospitality has always been based on blending different events simultaneously to offer a bundle of exciting services to its visitors. The upcoming beauty pageant will be blended with an Indian film award show and culinary event. Similarly the recently concluded Dubai World Cup, world’s biggest horse racing sporting event has been clubbed up with other exciting events such Dubai International Horse Exhibition, Gulf Food and GITEX shopping etc.

The Big Picture

Dubai’s strategic intent in the recent time has been focused on understanding the big picture and unfolding its plan accordingly. It was evident with its meticulous and well executed preparation for World Exposition 2020, which eventually culminated in winning the bid to host the mega event. World Exposition is expected to generate a total economic value of AED 89 (USD 24.4) billion and will decisively influence different dimension of Dubai social and economic dimensions.

Events will continue to be high up on the agenda of Dubai in the coming time as part of its long term strategic vision to enhance its overall economy along with its key sectors such as tourism, hospitality, aviation, media and advertising etc.

If inside information is to believe the emirate gearing up for hosting other mega events such as Miss Universe.  Recently Donald Trump, the founder of Miss Universe competition has visited Dubai and showed his keenness in bringing the mega event into the emirate soon. The statement itself signifies the evolution of the city into an exotic international destination, well equipped to manage world class events successfully. In this regard organizing the Miss India Worldwide Beauty Pageant could be considered as preparatory exercise towards the larger objectives which are expected to manifest in the coming time.

Research Konnection

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