Gulfood Manufacturing 2022 Driving Food Industry Forward

Gulfood Manufacturing—Gulf Region’s Leading Food Manufacturing Event

UAE—The recently concluded Gulfood Manufacturing event in Dubai was a major success. The region’s leading food manufacturing industry event attracted over 2,500 exhibitors from all parts of the world. This year’s theme focused on food packaging, processing systems and ingredient segments. Exhibitors showcased advanced food supply chain solutions and technologies with the motive of driving the food manufacturing industry forward. 

The event also focused on tackling the most pressing issues that the F&B industry faced. This includes the role of UAE’s food manufacturing and service sectors in ensuring food security by diversifying the industrial base. This year’s event had a positive impact on businesses which resulted in facilitating business connections, strategic deals and partnerships in the food supply chain. 

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Food Tech Summit at Gulf Manufacturing 2022

The Food Tech Summit further strengthened UAE’s reputation as a food manufacturing hub globally. This was imminent as the International Islamic Food Processing Association (IFPA) delivered a key session to announce their head office relocation to Dubai. IFPA also signed an MoU with the Islamic Organization of Food Security (IOFS) and Food Tech Valley which is an initiative led by the UAE government to tackle food security in the region. 

Mohammed Mousa Alameeri from UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment stated that immediate action must be taken to transform the food systems. This means becoming resilient to changes which is possible by adopting measures to address the needs of all food supply chain stakeholders. He stated the need to consider the emerging trends in the food production sector and support the creation of sustainable food supply chains. He emphasized on building effective international partnerships to address the food security challenges and achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2: Zero Hunger.

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Daikin’s Innovative Refrigeration Solution

Daikin presented its new generation of Monoblock refrigeration solution which aids in reducing power consumption. The units are designed for cold storage needs especially in supermarkets and restaurants. According to top market research company UAE, nearly one-third of all food produced is lost before its consumption. Therefore, Daikin’s Monoblock could provide innovative and sustainable solutions. Businesses can manage their stock better as Monoblock is suitable for medium and low temperature rooms. 

TNA’s High-Performance Food Processing Solutions 

TNA, which specializes in global food processing and packaging solutions, presented single-source solutions for french fries, potato chips, gummies and pellets. Their solutions promised to boost throughput capacity and speed at scale without compromising quality and accuracy. TNA also displayed a high-performance food conveyor system with (Roflo HM 3) efficient product handling and a next generation on-machine seasoning (OMS 5.1) system providing powder flavoring and liquid oil in a single drum. 

Food Manufacturing Industry UAE and the Future 

Despite the wider global economic slowdown, Gulfood Manufacturing event showcased a number of key launches. The event demonstrated the competitiveness of the Gulf region to thrive in challenging times and be a leader in the future of food production. The sentiments are very positive as a number of food manufacturing brands, investors and entrepreneurs are keen for growth and business expansion in the Gulf region.

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Author: Waqas Siddiqui
The author is the Managing Director of Research Konnection, a Dubai based market research and consulting firm that helps local and international companies to identify emerging business opportunities and successfully expand in the Gulf region. The author can be reached at