Gulfood 2023 brings global F&B players to Dubai

Gulfood – World’s Largest F&B Event 

The 28th Edition of Gulfood 2023 concluded in Dubai. The event brought together major global F&B players and contributed towards the growth of Dubai’s F&B sector. This year’s event welcomed over 5,000+ exhibitors from 125+ countries. It was an estimated increase of 30% from last year. 

Gulfood 2023 – Key Highlights

Global F&B players displayed innovative products during Gulfood 2023. Some of these innovative F&B products include fruit tea, dried ice cream, honey jam and vitamin shots. 


Fruit tea introduced by a Vietnamese company was awarded the best innovative product award in the beverage section. The tea was infused with fruits and flavors. It was a complete redo of fruit-based juice teas available in the market. While making tea involves mixing dried fruits in tea, the JuicyTea preparation method includes soaking fruit juice 10 times more than the traditional tea. 

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Frozen Dried Ice Cream

Another innovative product displayed was an ice cream that does not melt. The ice cream is prepared by cutting it in small pieces at low temperatures. The moisture is then removed by vacuum to make ice cream crunchy. This process makes the ice cream melt only when it is consumed.

The technique was developed by NASA and is considered to be effective as there is no loss in vitamins or nutrition. The product also has a long shelf life without using any preservatives. The ice cream comes in several flavors including Bubblegum for American and Matcha for Japanese consumers. Flavors like cheese, meat and fish can also be introduced if required. Fruits and vegetables can be frozen-dried in similar ways which are highly preferred by kids for the taste.

Honey Jam and Innovative Vitamin Shots

Honey jam was also introduced which replaced refined sugar with honey. Likewise, innovative vitamin shots alternatives that triggered when the bottle cap was twisted were displayed. The cap is filled with flavors and vitamins while the bottle is filled with water and citric. Each drink contains more than 50% of the daily required vitamin and it also acts as a detox drink.

UAE Food and Beverage Market – 2023

While Gulfood Manufacturing 2022 focused on food security, Gulfood 2023 emphasized on creativity. This year brands continued to display innovative food products. The event’s success is a testament to the UAE’s F&B industry success. It offers immense potential for investment within the F&B industry. On similar lines, online food delivery has grown exponentially in the UAE. Many UAE residents prefer to order food online. This has led to the significant rise of UAE’s F&B e-Commerce providing opportunities for investment in the industry. 

Author: Waqas Siddiqui
I am passionate about supporting businesses in successfully expanding in the UAE and Gulf region. I can be reached at for research inquiries.