GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK 2018 – Artificial Intelligence Driving Future

GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK 2018 – Artificial Intelligence Driving Future

GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK 2018 – Artificial Intelligence Driving Future

The 38th edition of GITEX Technology week concluded successfully in Dubai World Trade Centre last week. Near around 4,500 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors attended the annual event, which focused on Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a key theme.

Industry giants such as Amazon, Alibaba, Google and LinkedIn discussed the latest trends pertaining to AI Investments while Smart Dubai Pavilion consisting of 59 government and private sector establishments showcased Artificial Intelligence-power services, applications and technology offerings to the visitors.

Top Attractions – GITEX Technology Week 2018

The Smart Police Station (SPS) – SPS is a self-driving police station that allows Dubai resident to pay their fines on board instead of reporting to a police station. The autonomous vehicle can service one area of Dubai in morning while other in the evening. SPS is introduced to facilitate the residents that prefer paying cash instead of using credit card or mobile app to pay fines.

Self-driving Taxis – The Road & Transport Authority launched Dubai’s first self-driving vehicle equipped with cameras and sensors to analyze traffic conditions and respond accordingly. The move is in line with H.H. Sheikh Mohammed’s vision of making 25 per cent of all journeys in Dubai to be driverless by 2030.

Intel Track Systems – A personal shopping assistant equipped with GPS navigation systems allow retailers to guide shoppers towards special offers, recommend potential purchase and even enable consumers to recall previous retail choices and by via in-built app. The robot is ought to assist retailers and boost retail sales in years to come.

Tahaluf Smart Case – Aimed at preventing the loss of luggage, the technology-backed suitcase can enable an owner to tract its location, lock and unlock it remotely apart from allowing access to specific person using facial recognition software. Mostly banks in UAE are using the cases to transfer cash and jewellery in UAE.

Robotic Pharmacist & Surgeons – A new robot aimed to dispense prescribed drugs to consumers once they sign in via a smartphone or tablet and order medicines. In addition, a robot backed by 5G technology can now replicate doctor and perform minor operations.

Future of Artificial Intelligence in Gulf Markets

UAE and Dubai in particular is seen as the leader in adapting new technologies, which includes artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, Big Data and many other innovations. Experts belief that UAE and Dubai is witnessing a paradigm shift as both public and private sector are contributing to digitally transform the country and bolster the experience of consumers and residents through technological advancements.

Likewise, the regional GM of Microsoft Gulf, Sayed Hashsih believes that despite the current economic scenario, organizations are keen to invest in digital transformation strategy. This has created fresh opportunities for companies to streamline their operations, become competent and address customers more efficiently.

UAE is considered to be one of the most sophisticated and high worth Information Communication and Technology (ICT) markets across the globe. This year theme focusing on Artificial Intelligence goes hand in hand with the strategic intent of Dubai and UAE in the further strengthen the technology sector. In fact, Dubai aims to become the most innovative and creative city in the world’. To meet this objective, events like GITEX Technology Week play an important role in showcasing Dubai’s intent and vision in adapting newer technologies.

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