The latest version of the biggest consumer electronic event “GITEX 2013” has concluded with massive sales and a surge in consumer confidence last week.

While consumers were busy visiting the event to get the best deal or know about latest technologies, product launches and discount offers; we at Research Konnection were busy in capturing their response towards the mega event. Here are some of the key outputs of our two-week-long research endeavor which included survey as well as face to face interviews.

GITEX 2013: Visitors

Among visitors, males outnumbered females almost 3:1. The biggest numbers of respondents were aged between in 20-30. This was followed by age group 30-40 and 40-50 respectively. A small percentage of people above 50 were also part of the survey.

GITEX 2013: A Successful event

The overall attitude towards the 29th edition of the event has been positive and exuberant. Majority of respondents (75 percent) rated the event as good and showed their strong urge to recommend the same to their friends and colleagues. Approximately, 70 percent of the respondents interviewed were willing to visit the spring edition to be held in April 2014 whereas around 57 percent admitted that they wait for the event every year.

GITEX 2013: Purpose of Visit

According to survey findings, the majority of the respondents visited GITEX Shopper to avail discounts on electronic products and learn about promotion offers, new products and technologies. The results indicate that products offered by exhibitors on discount and promotion plays instrumental role in making GITEX event successful.

GITEX 2013: Nature of purchase

In terms of categories of purchases made, almost three fourth of the purchases made, consisted of mobile phones, laptops, and PCs. Refer to the figure mentioned on the right-hand side to know about the category wise break up.

Dubai-UAE along with other GCC countries are considered to be one of the most evolved markets for latest tablets, laptops, and smartphones; thanks to high per capita income and internet penetration integrated with young demographics. The GITEX Shoppers were dominated with all the leading smartphone and laptop brands such as Samsung, Apple, Sony, LG, HTC, Lenovo and Toshiba etc.

GITEX 2013: Visitors Unhappy

Not everyone seemed to be very happy. There were few negative sentiments as well, especially with the aggressive approach adopted by some exhibitors and sales force towards chasing visitors. An annoyed respondent named Hazem Samara called it a fish market. He told our team that he would prefer to buy from an outlet and on actual price rather than on discounted price from GITEX. According to him, in the peaceful environment of the outlet, one is able to discuss and understand product information better.

Another visitor named Wahaj Ahmed bought a laptop from one of the leading electronic exhibitor but was disappointed to find out that his laptop was not working. Though he was able to replace the laptop, but his excitement level dropped considerably as he gifted the newly bought laptop to his wife and discovered it was not working. There was a moment of irreversible embarrassment.

Another disparity observed was in terms of age group of sales force hired. Sales force mostly compromised majorly of young university students. In a few cases the aggressive and pushy approached adopted by the sales force, did not seem to have gone well with some visitors, coming from a more professional background. For instance, a visitor named Kumail Khan felt that sales representatives were aggressive and pushy.

GITEX 2013: Recommendations to Improve Visitor Experience

Based on the research finding we would like to share some recommendations:

Conservative Approach: – Exhibitors can adapt more conservative approach in attracting shoppers rather than shouting on top of their voices and on loudspeakers/mikes disturbing which at times distract visitors. This will offer a more comfortable ambience and atmosphere to visitors and assist them in making purchase decision based on pros and cons of the product.

Offering Products: – Guidelines should be given to exhibitors to ensure products that are offered for sale works well as it hampers the image of the GITEX event. Likewise, GITEX event organizers should also consider establishing a point of contact with GITEX shoppers to listen to their concerns and problems. This will give consumers immense confidence and trust, and they will willingly buy the GITEX event is staged next time.

Sales Force: – GITEX exhibitors should include experienced sales representatives who can ensure more professional and consumer friendly approach.

These recommendations can add further value to upcoming GITEX events by managing negative sentiments and allow Gitex event organizers and exhibitors to better konnect with visitors by offering them a higher satisfaction and value for their time and money.

Research Konnection is a UAE based research and consulting firm which is currently engaged in capturing consumer responses towards leading events in the UAE such as GITEX Shopper 2013. We are thankful to all our respondents who have taken the time out to participate in the survey. Without their support, it was impossible to compile the GITEX Shoppers 2013 survey.

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Author: RKonnect
The author is the Managing Director of Research Konnection, a Dubai based market research and consulting firm that helps local and international companies to identify emerging business opportunities and successfully expand in the Gulf region. The author can be reached at