GETEX 2018 - Focus on Accelerating Development of Knowledge Economy in UAE

GETEX 2018 - Focus on Accelerating Development of Knowledge Economy in UAE

GETEX 2018 – Focus on Accelerating Development of Knowledge Economy in UAE

The Gulf Education & Training Exhibition (GETEX) is a major student recruitment event in the Middle East region. GETEX is considered to be an effective platform that helps educational providers achieve increased marketing visibility, meet their student admission targets, student enrolment quotas and successful student conversions.

The 30th edition of GETEX took place at the Sheikh Saeed Halls of Dubai International Convention Centre from 12th April to 14th April 2018. More than 250 leading universities and institutes across the North America, Europe, Asia and Australia participated in the event showcasing their undergraduate, postgraduate and occupational courses. The event attracted over 35,000 local and expat students who are actively looking for higher education, career development, and training opportunities.

GETEX – Event Highlights

The opening ceremony for 2018 GETEX event was initiated under the patronage of Ahmad Abdul Karim Julfar, director general, Dubai Community Development Authority. The importance of education was emphasized in the event as one of the basic pillars for sustainable development of the economy. GETEX provided an opportunity for both regional and global educational institutions to highlight their campus facilities, unique features and advantages in choosing their prestigious institution. It also provided an opportunity to assess the student trends and the most demanded course choices among them which helped the educational institutions plan their marketing strategies.

On the other hand local and expat students benefited by having a face-to-face interactions with the featured institution’s representatives and had an opportunity to compare different course offered by them. They also got to look at the campus facilities and engage in discussions that assisted them in making an informed decision on their educational needs.

Investment Opportunities in UAE’s Educational Sector

The UAE 2021 Vision focuses on making the country world’s most prosperous and forward thinking nation. This vision has emphasized the need for a complete transformation of the country’s education system that are in par with the international standards.

UAE and Dubai government has taken several measures to promote the education sector. Higher education in particular has received a major lift through these initiatives that provided a robust growth in the segment.  The current growth rate of the education sector is estimated around 7.3 per cent in private and 5.3 per cent in public educational institutes.

By 2020, 123,564 student enrolments are expected in private universities while 61,551 students are expected to enrol in public universities.

UAE will continue to improve its infrastructure, offering pioneer quality of life and unparalleled business environment for citizens, residents and visitors alike. With the forecasted student enrolment and the government initiatives, UAE’s educational sector provides lucrative opportunities for investment.

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