Dubai Unveils a Two-year Strategy to Enhance its Education Sector

Dubai Unveils a Two-year Strategy to Enhance its Education Sector

Dubai Knowledge Fund Establishment introduced its Strategic Plan for 2023-2025, with a key focus on elevating Dubai’s position as a prominent center for knowledge-based investments. The plan is centered on three primary pillars: ensuring the sustainability of the investment portfolio, strategically allocating educational assets and effectively managing educational initiatives.

  • Strengthening Investment Portfolio & Sustainability

The Establishment’s primary objective is to construct an investment portfolio to bolster sustainability and diversify funding sources. This will not only provide support for educational ventures within Dubai but also contribute to the advancement of its educational framework.

  • Enhancing Educational Asset Allocation

Under this theme, the Establishment aims to amplify investment prospects within Dubai’s education sector, drawing in global investors. A key goal is to present the education sector an enticing proposition for investments in Dubai’s educational assets, encompassing designated lands and facilities, aligning with the government’s vision to meet the sector’s requirements.

  • Effective Management of Educational Initiatives

Within the framework of this novel strategy, the Establishment aspires to foster a competitive educational landscape. This ecosystem will empower various segments of the community – including students, parents and educators – to leverage opportunities stemming from the educational initiatives linked to the Establishment. This also includes Dubai Schools and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Distinguished Students Programme.

Strategies to Advance Dubai’s Education

The fresh approach of the Knowledge Fund Establishment aligns with the vision and ambitions of H. H. Sheikh Mohammed, as well as the guidance provided by H. H. Sheikh Hamdan and Chairman of The Executive Council of Dubai. This strategy aims to elevate Dubai’s educational sector and bolster its competitive edge. To achieve this, the government strives to enhance educational investment opportunities, develop a sustainable investment portfolio and support the growth of Dubai’s education sector. Earlier this year, Dubai also launched Economic Agenda D33 with the motive of increasing the size of Dubai’s economy by twice its current value over the next 10 years.

Meanwhile, the UAE based schools are planning to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technology in their curriculums. This is in line with Ministry of Education (MoE) initiatives to introduce AI-generated tutors in classrooms in the UAE and transform the education sector. 

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Author: Waqas Siddiqui
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