Dubai unveils 93 km climate controlled highway

 Residents can access daily needs within 20 minutes by foot or bicycle

Dubai recently announced a 93-km climate-controlled cycle highway concept. The concept ‘The Loop’ aims to connect over 3 million residents to key locations within minutes. The initiative is in line with Dubai’s 2040 Goal. The concept enables residents to access daily needs within 20 minutes by foot or bicycle. The highway intends to make walking and cycling a primary mode of transport in Dubai. Such initiatives will continue to improve the Quality of Life in Dubai.

Dubai Urban Master Plan 2040 – 20-Minutes City

The concept is in line with Dubai’s aim to become a 20-minute city by 2040. Dubai’s Ruler has set out the next stage of the city’s 2040 Urban Master Plan. Both new housing and easier commuting are among the top priorities. The Master Plan calls for developing a ’20-minute city’ allowing residents access to 80% of their daily needs within 20 minutes on foot or bicycle. There are further plans to grow food within the city limits. The government has already invested in companies using vertical farming to create produce.

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The plan would ensure that supply meets demand in Dubai’s property sector. The plan calls for proactive initiatives to achieve sustainable urban development and boost investor confidence. Recently a Strategic Plan 2026 was announced aiming to boost Dubai’s real estate sector’s GDP contribution. The plan unveiled last year included new housing projects in Dubai South near the Expo and Dubai World Central airport. Also a business park in Silicon Oasis and residential area to the south of Dubai International Airport. The Loop project will connect all these housing developments along with the existing real estate.

Urban Master Plan 2040 – Impact on Urban Sustainability

The ambitious Loop project aims to make Dubai the most connected city by foot or bike globally. The project tends to be the future of urban mobility in Dubai by providing residents an eco-friendly transport alternative.

Author: Waqas Siddiqui
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