Dubai real estate investments expected to grow with Strategic Plan 2026

The Strategic Plan 2026 aims to boost Dubai real estate sector’s GDP contribution

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) of the United Arab Emirates has recently released a Strategic Plan. Within the plan, DLD intends to establish Dubai as a global leader in the real estate investment industry. The main goal of the strategic plan is to offer seamless real estate services in Dubai. Along with the implementation of comprehensive regulations and allocating the required human capital is the core for enabling the industry to expand and adapt. The strategy will be effective from 2026 and will help Dubai evolve into one of the most innovative and sophisticated economies on the planet.

The Strategies Five Core Pillars – Dubai Real Estate Sector

The Strategic Plan 2026 will have five primary pillars. These pillars will be critical for the expansion of Dubai’s real estate market. 

  • The First Pillar focuses on a pioneering real estate model that improves the sector’s sustainability and preparedness.
  • The Second Pillar provides an incubator for innovations in the real estate sector. This involves creating an appealing environment and utilizing technology to facilitate the creation of real estate solutions.
  • The Third Pillar seeks to create a data-driven sector by maximizing the value of Dubai’s real estate sector data. 
  • The Fourth Pillar focuses on providing a platform called Agile DLD. This will support the development of a thriving digital ecosystem in the real estate industry by enhancing DLD’s operations.
  • The Fifth Pillar focuses on exceptional Journeys 2.0 by implementing a human-focused strategy and changing to employee-first culture.

Strategic Plan 2026 – Principles & Implementation

The updated strategy of DLD has four core principles:

  1. Aiming to achieve a sustainable impact
  2. Adapting global practices to the unique features of Dubai’s real estate market
  3. Positioning Dubai as a global leader in real estate
  4. Adopting a participatory approach that includes all stakeholders

The strategy will have three stages. They are: launching quick-gain initiatives, empowering the sector and DLD, and expanding the scope of influence.

Impact of Strategic Plan 2026 on the Dubai Real Estate Sector

Dubai’s real estate market has already recorded 8,317 sales transactions and is worth AED 22.46 billion during the last month of 2022. According to the report published by DLD, 384 gift transactions totaling AED 2.27 billion were also recorded during this time.  Overall, the property sector in Dubai recorded 122,658 transactions in 2022 valued at AED 528 billion. This shows a positive sign that the property market in Dubai is growing along with the hospitality sector. In 2022, the hotel occupancy rate in Dubai reached AED 108 billion which was the highest in 15 years. 

In Addition the Dubai 2040 Master Plan was launched to focus on sustainability and urban agriculture. The top priority will be given to housing infrastructures and commutation for the residents. The primary goal is to develop Dubai as a pedestrian-friendly city with a high yield from urban agriculture. All these initiatives will boost the credentials of Dubai influencing investors to invest in the property market. 

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Author: Waqas Siddiqui
As a research consultant, I am passionate about supporting businesses in successfully expanding in the UAE and Gulf region. I can be reached at for research inquiries.