Dubai Masterplan 2040 Focuses on Improving the Quality of Life

Dubai Masterplan 2040 Focuses on Improving the Quality of Life

The latest Dubai 2040 Urban Masterplan aligns with UAE’s vision for the next 50 years. The Plan is focused on enhancing people’s happiness and quality of life. The people-centric Plan focuses on reinforcing Dubai’s competitiveness as a global destination by providing a wide diversity of lifestyle and investment opportunities for residents and visitors over the next 20 years. 

Dubai 2040 Urban Masterplan, has created a development model that offers the best possible quality of life and creates the conditions for sustainable prosperity which draws its inspiration from global best practices and adapts them to local needs and requirements. The primary goal of the masterplan is to create a truly inclusive environment that not only meets the diverse needs of people residing in UAE, but also inspire them to tap into their creative and innovative capacities and realise their true potential.

Dubai Masterplan 2040 – Measures to Improve Quality of Life

The plan emphasises on upgrading and improving the efficiency of utilizing the resources in Dubai, developing vibrant, healthy and inclusive communities, and doubling green and leisure areas and public parks to provide a healthy environment for residents and visitors. Nature reserves and rural natural areas will constitute 60% of Dubai’s total area. Several green corridors will be established to link the service areas, residential areas and workplaces, facilitate pedestrians’ movement, bicycles, and sustainable mobility means across the city, in coordination with developers and government departments.

Market Research Companies in DubaiThe land area used for ​​hotels and tourist activities will increase by 134%, while that used for commercial activities will increase to 168 square kilometres. Dubai will continue to be a global hub for innovative start-ups, international corporations, and strategic investments. The Master Plan will also increase the land area allocated to education and health facilities by 25%. The length of public beaches will increase by 400% in 2040 to increase residents and visitors’ quality of life.

Dubai Masterplan 2040 – Impact on Dubai Economy

The new Plan will raise the efficiency of development and promote the infrastructure’s optimal utilisation by developing vacant urban spaces. It also seeks to provide sustainable and flexible means of mobility and foster greater economic activity and attract foreign investments to new sectors. The plan will help raise the Dubai’s growing role as a pivotal business and trade hub, enhancing its attractiveness as an investment destination by leveraging its superior logistics infrastructure and contribute to Dubai’s efforts to mitigate the repercussions of the Covid-19 pandemic, accelerate the pace of its economic recovery and prepare the ground for a bright new post-pandemic world.

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