Dubai Health Forum Showcases Emirate's Endeavor to be the Best in Healthcare

 Dubai Health Forum Showcases Emirate’s Endeavor to be the Best in Healthcare

As Dubai marches on with its target to generate revenues worth AED 2.6 billion from medical tourism by 2020, it continues to attract medical talent from across the globe. The Dubai Health Forum aptly showcased Dubai’s ambition to offer top of line medical facilities to people from all over the globe. At the event, 33 speakers from 22 countries presented their thoughts and innovative work in the field of genomics, AI based health care delivery, and lifestyle management.

The annual Dubai Health Forum was held on 15th January and 16th January 2018 at Medinat Jumeirah. The event was inaugurated by director general-board chairman of Dubai Health Authority, Mr. Humaid Mohammed Al Qatami. It saw experts from different spheres of medical healthcare converge together to encourage innovation and new age methods to improve healthcare and make it accessible to all. The forum has been touted as Dubai’s journey in becoming the leader in global innovation in healthcare.

Dubai Healthcare Forum – Key Agenda

The forum saw policy makers, health industry business leaders, medical practitioners, and international guest speakers. Some of the key topics discussed at the forum included –

  • Healthcare Tech
  • New age Sustainable Health
  • Healthcare control and legislations
  • Investment for a Content Community
  • Family Health and Well Being

The four core objective met by the forum included –

  • Have a networking event that brings together healthcare sector stakeholders with innovators
  • Share and brainstorm new ideas and futuristic trends
  • Share ideas on individual well-being that lead to a better level of health and lifestyle among the community
  • Set clear roadmaps for Dubai’s journey to becoming a world leader in affordable and innovative healthcare systems.

At the forum the issue of convergence of healthcare and technology and potential challenges were put forth. It highlighted technologies like AI as the likely redressal to overcome this challenge and is expected to be a gateway to improving healthcare across the globe.

Healthcare Sector Initiatives – Impact on Dubai Economy

Dubai has remained at the forefront in quality healthcare solutions. It is no surprise that healthcare solutions and medical tourism has been one of the key aspects of Dubai GDP of AED344 billion (Q32017). Dubai has more than 2,500 healthcare facilities and 33,000 healthcare professionals.

The Dubai Health Forum aligns with the ambitious goals of the emirate to have a year on year increase of 12% in the number of medical tourists to generate AED 2.6 billion ($710 million) by 2020. Healthcare features prominently on Dubai’s policies. This is evident from the 37% of budget allocated to housing, education, and health. This translates to AED16.90 billion ($4.6 billion).

In the UAE, the economy is set to grow at 3.6% in 2018, and a majority of the focus will be on core non-oil sectors like healthcare, tourism, and education. As the focus on non-oil industries grows, the emphasis on healthcare will continue to gain momentum. This will be in sync with Frost and Sullivan estimates of 90% of UAE’s growth being driven by non-oil sectors by 2025.

This will be a major achievement as the UAE deals with more than 220 countries across the globe and a majority of this will be spread across the different realms of healthcare and lifestyle management. Medical tourism as a sector driver will be influenced by Dubai’s status as the 5th best in terms of global affordability, cost of living, and purchasing power.

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