Dubai Focuses On Becoming A Global Healthcare Destination

Dubai Focuses on becoming a Global Healthcare Destination

With the establishment of the Dubai Academic Health Corporation, both Dubai and UAE have created a world-class integrated healthcare system that represents an incubator for disease prevention, scientific research, and academic excellence. Based on the ranking from Medical Tourism Index, Dubai is currently ranked 13 among 46 global destinations for the year 2020-2021. H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, VP, and PM of Dubai has recently issued a law for establishing the Dubai Academic Health Corporation, and also amended some laws pertaining to the Dubai Health Authority (DHA).

The Dubai Academic Health Corporation aims to advance health services in the Emirate through a new academic system that integrates healthcare, medical education, and scientific research. It will improve the efficiency, quality and accessibility of Dubai’s healthcare services in accordance with global best practices.

Dubai Academic Health Corporation

The Dubai Academic Health Corporation has been formed at a critical phase as the global healthcare systems are actively working towards the prevention of COVID-19 pandemic. The exemplary decisions taken by the UAE and Dubai’s government, their precautionary steps and aggressive containment strategies will contribute greatly towards the new corporation and will further strengthen Dubai’s leadership position in academic education and scientific research in medicine and health sciences globally.

With the integration of the three major fields including education, research and healthcare, the Dubai Academic Health Corporation will play a vital role in fulfilling the strategy of increasing Dubai’s knowledge economy. The establishment of this unique blend of healthcare and academia will also strengthen Dubai’s current position as a global hub for medical, life sciences, healthcare and one of the major medical tourism destinations.

UAE Visa Reforms – Emirati Citizenship

UAE has already focused its attention towards attracting world’s best talents in various fields and harnessing their capabilities through recognitions such as the Golden Visa, Emirati citizenship and incentivised programmes for entrepreneurs. When combined with the potential offered by Dubai Academic Health Corporation, it will help the Emirate to attract and retain top quality medical and research talent from around the world, while nurturing top Emirati talents and enhancing the capabilities of its healthcare sector to prevent and treat diseases and epidemics. The major criteria for the eligibility of the citizenship in the healthcare sector are

Doctors & Specialists – Applicants having acknowledged scientific contributions, studies and research of scientific value and a practical experience of not less than 10 years, in addition to obtaining membership in a reputable organisation in his field of specialisation.

Scientists – Active researchers in a university or research centre or in the private sector, with a practical experience of not less than 10 years in the same field. They also should have made contributions in the scientific field such as winning a prestigious scientific award, or securing substantial funding for their research during the past 10 years. It is also mandatory to obtain a recommendation letter from recognised scientific institutions in the UAE.

Investment Opportunities in Dubai Healthcare Sector

Along with developing the services and programmes of healthcare facilities, Dubai Academic Health Corporation will also help raise the benchmark for the UAE’s healthcare institutions and put many more of them on the global map of top medical facilities. The merger of the education and healthcare sector is a critical milestone for Dubai and the UAE, and will not only boost the sustainability of the healthcare sector but also help the global community prepare better for unforeseen situations. Dubai has always been a pioneer in developing strategies for the future. The Dubai Academic Health Corporation will promote strategic public-private sector partnerships increasing the investment opportunities in the sector.

Healthcare Market Research Dubai & UAE

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