Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy Attracts 69 Emerging Technology Start-ups 

Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy Attracts 69 Emerging Technology Start-ups 

In the first half of 2023, the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, attracted 69 technology companies to the emirate. This aligns with the Chamber’s broader strategy of advancing the Dubai Economic Agenda (D33). During this period, the chamber organized 12 roadshows and engaged with 279 companies. This included multinationals, SMEs and startups to showcase Dubai’s potential for growth on account of solid economic growth. In Q1 2023, Dubai GDP recorded 2.8% growth, crossing AED 111.3 billion and outpacing USA and EU economies comfortably. 

Mohammad Ali Lootah, Dubai Chambers’ President, highlighted their commitment to the UAE’s Digital Economy Strategy. He mentioned that the strategy aims to enhance the emirate’s global reputation and appeal to international technology firms. Lootah emphasized the Chamber’s role in achieving these goals and its dedication to cultivating a technology-driven, diverse, and adaptable economy. In H1 2023, the chamber introduced impactful initiatives including sector-specific digital economy workshops and comprehensive reports on Dubai’s digital economic ecosystems. 

Dubai’s Digital Initiatives – Fostering Growth and Innovation

Dubai’s digital economic ecosystem witnessed the launch of the ‘Create Apps in Dubai’ initiative in March, led by H.H. Sheikh Hamdan. This program aims to cultivate proactive digital entrepreneurship among young Emiratis. The initiative, under the guidance of the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy, empowers local talent to contribute significantly to the UAE’s digital aspirations. Its objective is to train 1,000 Emiratis with the goal of tripling the number of app developers in Dubai by 2025.

This effort involves backing 100 national projects dedicated to developing cutting-edge apps over the next two years. The comprehensive training program equips recent graduates with the skills to effectively translate their business concepts. Moreover, Dubai Chamber introduced a novel initiative — a digital platform tailored for companies in the tech sphere. This platform offers a comprehensive array of services to support the establishment and expansion of tech startups, SMEs and multinationals within Dubai.

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Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy – Entrepreneurial Support  

This comprehensive initiative encompasses various forms of assistance, including licensing services, financial solutions, office infrastructure and more. It effectively provides a streamlined destination for ventures seeking to establish their presence in Dubai. Further bolstering this endeavor, the chamber forged partnerships with four entities, including Dubai CommerCity, Safexpay, e& Group, and Telr. These agreements involve discounted rates and exclusive offerings to bolster the initiative. Looking ahead, the Dubai Chamber of Digital Economy is gearing up to host the inaugural Expand North Star event in October. This event will convene venture capitalists and startups from the region, serving as a platform to showcase the burgeoning growth prospects that Dubai offers.

Author: Waqas Siddiqui
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